1.    Seven-figure settlement on behalf of homeowners against contractor who performed substandard work in a major home remodel and, in the process, released asbestos throughout the home.

2.    Seven-figure settlement on behalf of plaintiff in a legal malpractice claim in which defendant attorney failed to file plaintiff’s complaint for personal injuries in a timely fashion, thereby missing the statute of limitations.

3.    Seven-figure settlement on behalf of plaintiff, a partner in numerous corporate and other business entities with the defendants, for the defendants’ breach of their fiduciary responsibilities to the plaintiff.

4.    High six-figure settlement on behalf of plaintiff, a federal court appointed receiver who sued defendant attorneys on behalf of thousands of investors against defendant attorneys in a fraudulent Ponzi scheme wherein the defendant attorney undertook to represent both the promoters of the investment and the investors without providing any notice of a conflict of interest.

5.    Six-figure settlement on behalf of writers of a children’s television show against defendant children’s television production company for the defendant’s failure to pay royalties and other monies due under their agreement.

6.    Six-figure settlement for the tragic, unnecessary and wrongful death of a minor who attended a party at defendants’ home where defendants were out of town and defendants’ minor children were left at their home and allowed to serve alcohol and drugs at the party.

Attorney Profile

Mark S. Eisenberg is an experienced trial lawyer whose broad background includes business and commercial litigation, real estate, construction, professional liability, trade secrets/unfair competition, insurance disputes and personal injury. Mr. Eisenberg received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California at Los Angeles more